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About Me

Hi friends! I'm Nicole D’Ambrosio, the artist and founder of Chic_by_neek. I am currently a Licensed Social Worker with a hidden passion for painting and creative expression. I have always had a love for painting and art for as long as I can remember. 


in 2018, when I was a junior in college I painted my first ever denim jacket. Since then, chic_by_neek has expanded to all things denim, shoes, accessories, and more! The possibilities have become endless and I am willing to paint anything and everything you challenge me with!

I hand paint every item and look forward to doing your piece some day soon :) Feel free to shop the collections or contact me for a custom design! I love being able to make your fashion dreams come true. Listen to your heArt and let’s create together!            

                                                                           Xxoo ♡

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